What is Zombie's Retreat?

What is Zombie's Retreat

Zombie’s Retreat is an action-packed RPG game known for its immersive plot progression and moving graphics. 

It follows the tale of a young guy on a camping retreat with friends when a mysterious zombie attack changes everything. Players move from one location to another, trying to complete the plot sequence of 6 separate characters and gain a lust level of 6. 

Sexy, thrilling, and creative – the exciting gameplay is an all-rounder! From being an emotional roller coaster to being a package of challenges that refresh the intellect – players feel a sense of limitlessness in Power and feeling while progressing through this one-of-a-kind storyline.

Key Features

A nostalgic plot concept approached in a completely new way – that is the best way to define Zombie’s Retreat. Some incredible features truly set this game apart from others in the niche.

Detailed, Seductive Graphics

Each scene has been captured with precise attention to detail and a desire to capture the right tones, movements, and emotions to make the characters come alive. There are many graphics that you can download and keep from these chapters that can correctly portray the pleasure felt by the characters in the scenes. 

Fast-paced Storyline With A Lot At Stake

With every new challenge overcome, there is compelling character development and many rewards in health points, food and water, and even intimacy. But it is the responsibility of the main lead to save himself and everyone else from the epidemic – this means one wrong step, and you can lose all your progress.

Wide Diversity Among Characters

Six main characters sport a different aesthetic and behave differently in and out of the bedroom. Similarly, there are many common and uncommon zombies with interesting abilities like exploding death, rage, invulnerability, super fast speed, teleportation, and magic balls.

Hidden Cheats For Unlimited Health and Points

Two distinct cheats are available in the game that you can access by memorizing the correct passwords. These are the Cheat Void and Cheat Rock, both located near the Home Base. 

You can add collected costumes to your inventory as you progress through the game to unlock special events like the Cardio Threesome Scene and Witch Doggy Scene.

3 Major Quests With Added Powers

The three main quests that will help you continue the story include the first one, Restore Power, which unlocks the Lake View; the second one, Seeds of Resolve, needs Natasha in the party and a Shovel to win; and the last one, known as End Game which can be completed by achieving lust level 6 with all six characters.

Zombie's Retreat Game Walkthrough

Still have some questions about the game? Follow this crisp and concise walkthrough to get a better idea.

➢ The game starts at the Home Base with all six characters: Leslie, Rachel, Caroline, Natasha, Ashley, and Talia. There are also some scenes with other characters like Professor Cherry, Clara, and Serena later in the game.

➢ Once the zombie epidemic spreads, you will need the overall camp retreat game map to localize what kind of zombies you will find at each place around your Home Base. Many of the zombies in this region will resurrect every four days.

➢ You must keep track of salvage points, food, and water. Salvage points will replenish every two days. Food and water will decrease unless you win something by completing quests and battles. They will reduce much more when a new member is added to the rescue team.

➢ There are three quests in the game. These are the Restore Power, Seeds of Resolve, and End Game. Players must win each search by making the right decision and asking the right questions. There are some rewards and Power boosts to be received at the end of each quest.

➢ Players can play this game in 3 difficulty modes – easy, standard, and hardcore.

➢ Players will also need to keep track of their inventory of items that not only include the food and water mentioned above but also ammunition, scrap metal and wood, medicines, weapons like the pistol and shotgun, construction items, flashlight, kitchen garden, herb garden, crafting items, etc. These items can be traded or salvaged to gain weaponry as well as gro series throughout the game.

➢ Getting intimate with other characters will totally depend on how the players are able to approach them at the right time. This can be done by reading through the notes for each character in the guidebook and choosing to come to them, knowing their likes, dislikes, and behaviours.

➢ Players can collect costumes from map sections like the Old Town or Zomi Lodge. Collecting enough costumes will unlock memorable intimacy scenes.

How To Install Zombie's Retreat

Zombies Retreat Girl

Method 1 – Using Itch (For Windows, Android, and MacOS):

The easiest way to download Zombie’s Retreat reveals a bonus for choosing this as your next game.

  • Go to the Itch.io website.
  • Search for the ‘Zombie’s Retreat’ game.
  • Read carefully through the results to find the latest version of the game that meets all expectations of the actual, formal performance.
  • Click on the Download link/button. 
  • Wait for the files to load on your device.
  • Right-click on the file and select ‘Run Files’.
  • Wait till the gameplay interface gets installed on your device.
  • Double-click on the game to start playing.

Method 2 – Using Patreon (For Windows & Android):

A better way to download the official, high-quality version of the game while also contributing to the creator is by going on the inclusive and supportive platform of Patreon.

  • Login on the Patreon website or app.
  • Search for the creator ‘Siren’ and select the game ‘Zombie’s Retreat’.
  • After going through the details, like a membership of your choice.
  • Bill out on your new membership by making the payment.
  • Click on the Download link next to the Game Files.
  • Once the gaming system has been installed on your device, all you need to do is click on it and start playing!

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